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Our Edge project in Amsterdam features in Bloomberg.

Sky Central building opens at Sky’s headquarters

Sky’s new flagship building ‘Sky Central’  has opened at the company’s campus in Osterley, West London.


The new office was completed in July, and accommodates 3,500 employees. Designed for flexibility, openness and to foster the lively flow of people and ideas around the business, the building is the centrepiece of Sky’s group headquarters.


PLP Architecture was invited to re-think and design the building’s interior, develop the external envelope to respond to the changing interior programme and deliver the project through to completion following an invited design competition via the main contractor bid.



PLP Architecture has unveiled the concept design for CarTube, during the ‘Future of Urban Mass Transportation’ Conference held on December 2nd 2016 in London. The Conference brought together researchers and scientists from the UK and abroad to discuss the direction of future transportation technology.

The CarTube concept translates a pioneering mobility solution which combines two existing modes of transport, automated electric cars and mass transit, into a single, seamless underground road system.


Lars Hesselgren, Director of Research at PLP Architecture: “CarTube is a direct response to mass transit and traffic congestion in the world’s largest cities. Moving high-speed car traffic below ground will revolutionise our concept of the city, allowing our urban spaces to be designed not for cars, but for people. CarTube has the potential to be the next best thing to teleportation and will revolutionise exiting cities and allow for unprecedented urban forms.”


PLP Architecture will continue their research on CarTube and will act as a catalyst for innovation, bringing together great minds from different  backgrounds to imagine a future where cars don't compete but  collaborate.



PLP Architecture, together with Cambridge University and Smith and Wallwork, won the Royal Institute for British Architects President's Award for Technical Design Research and will go forward for consideration for the President’s Medal for Research.


PLP Partner Kevin Flanagan interviewed by The International New York times about Timber Tower Research
www.nytimes.com - 09.06.2016

Would you live in a wooden skyscraper?www.sciencemag.org - 22.09.16

The RIBA annual President’s awards celebrate the best research in the fields of architecture and the built environment. This year, a record-breaking 75 submissions were received from 14 countries. Our research project, entitled Supertall Timber: Design Research for the Next Generation of Natural Structure, was developed together with The University of Cambridge’s Centre for Natural Innovation and the engineering firm Smith and Wallwork.  The project aspires to make tall timber buildings a reality. Through a combination of feasibility study involving design for a real world site in the Barbican London and involving manufacturers and physical lab testing, this research demonstrates the viability of timber buildings to modern urban centres.

PLP Architecture shortlisted in international competition to transform the Montparnasse Tower in Paris

Image by Cha Gla Jose

“I am delighted that PLP Architecture has been invited to reimagine the Paris skyline and to reactivate the Montparnasse neighbourhood.”

Karen Cook, Founding Partner at PLP Architecture

PLP architecture has been invited to a competition to renovate the tour Montparnasse in Paris, France. The co-owners, EITMM, selected, from over 700 interested candidates, PLP Architecture who will now compete with six other selected architects to reinvent the famous Parisian landmark.

PLP’s team will be led by founding partner Karen Cook, the designer on 22 Bishopsgate, the tallest building in the City of London and Tour First, the tallest building in France. Karen is steering the next stage of the design competition to transform the Tour Montparnasse into a sustainable and innovative workplace.


Jean-Louis Missika, Deputy Mayor of Paris, in charge of urban planning, architecture and economic development for the Greater Paris project, said,  “We are delighted with this varied and audacious selection of architects which promises a great diversity of ideas, approaches and innovations for the transformation of the Montparnasse Tower, the initial stage in the regeneration of the entire area.”



The Francis Crick Institute featured on the BBC’s Today program as practical completion is reached

Building work is finally complete at the biggest biomedical facility in Europe, the Francis Crick Institute. Scientists will start to gradually move in over the next month, and it will be open to the public in early 2017. The Crick, which has cost 700 million pounds, and will house more than a thousand scientists, claims to offer a radical new approach to medical research by encouraging scientists from different disciplines to work together in new and imaginative ways.


Europe’s biggest science centre opens in the UK
The Financial Times - 01.09.2016

Cathedral to science opens for business
BBC News - 01.09.2016

“The Francis Crick Institute is an extraordinary example of collaborative work. Our role was to establish the architectural expression of the building, lifting it to the status of a major civic institution, linking the Crick to other nearby landmarks and creating a world class centre for interdisciplinary research.”

Wayne McKiernan, Director at PLP Architecture

PLP Partner Kevin Flanagan speaks to ITV News, Monocle24 Radio, and London Live about our Timber Tower Research Project

PLP Partner Kevin Flanagan, who worked on the research project together with Partner Ron Bakker, Michael Ramage of the University of Cambridge’s Department of Architecture and Natural Material Innovation Group, and engineers Smith & Wallwork, was interviewed on various media outlets this week following the extensive media coverage of our research proposals and a presentation to Boris Johnson, the Mayor of London.


Kevin was interviewed for ITV and London Live’s evening news segments, and spoke at length on The Monocle Weekly show about the research.


The episode is available to listen for free online, or to download as a podcast: The Monocle Weekly



The Francis Crick Institute won the category of ‘Best New Place

to Work’ in the London First...


Lars Hesselgren, Director of Research at PLP, featured in Emerging Models of...


PLP joining the New London Vernacular Conference


The Francis Crick Institute shortlisted for RTPI Award for Planning Excellence 2017


Ron Bakker spoke about the Future of the Workplace at the
ULI Winter drinks 2017


PLP’s Oakwood Timber building Research broadcasted by BBC World News...


The Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan announcing his plans to explore Creative Land Trust to support...


PLP Architecture, together with OVG  Real Estate, won the ULI Global Award for Excellence...

22 Bishopsgate, a new office tower at the heart of the City of London.

The Edge, Amsterdam, the world's most sustainable building


Nova, Victoria

London, UK


The Nexus

Pearl River Delta, China


Foshan New City Plaza

Foshan, China


Chiltern Place

London, UK


The Collective Old Oak

London, UK


Translation & Innovation Hub

London, UK


1 Page Street

London, UK



Four Seasons Hotel Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi, UAE

We are a London-based group of architects, designers and thinkers who value the transformative role of ideas and the capacity for architecture to inspire.

PLP Architecture unveils CarTube, a pioneering mobility solution to mass transport and traffic congestion.

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