Eighty Eight Wood Lane

London, UK

As part of Imperial College London’s master plan for Imperial West at Wood Lane in West London, we are designing two buildings: a technology transfer building and a 35-storey residential tower. The new residential building will combine private and key worker accommodation including apartments for lecturers, researchers and trainee doctors and their families to help attract and retain the college’s key staff.


The new campus, the college’s first in over a century, will be a new vibrant urban quarter, integrating an academic programme with residential, research and commercial uses within a high quality public environment including restaurants, cafes, retail facilities and open landscaped spaces.


The residential building forms a slender tapering tower which marks the main approach to the campus at the intersection of the Westway, a prominent arterial route leading into central London. The tower’s elegant silhouette will serve as a landmark for Imperial West and the regeneration of White City.


Imperial College London / Voreda



Aukett Swanke



35 Storey Residential






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