123 Zeil

Frankfurt, Germany

Located in the heart of Frankfurt’s historical city centre, the design of the boutique hotel/retail building affirms its key presence on one of the city’s most prestigious shopping streets.


The building completes the frontage of a highly active public plaza. Contextually and programmatically, the relationship with the ground is very important. The building is lifted allowing the public space to flow continuously. Similarly, at the top, a floating pavilion containing a restaurant hovers above the main volume. Between the two volumes, an open air public terrace overlooks the historical city.


The building sits next to an austere, heavily buttressed 15th century Lutheran church. In contrast to this structure, the project explores ideas of lightness. Columns are set back from the perimeter, giving a sense that the building defies gravity. The facade is a light veil which creates a perception of transparency and luminosity.





Retail and Restaurant Pavilion






Concept Design