Unfolding is conceived as a light, flexible and transformable structural exploration that investigates the ways in which engineered timber can be used to build a more sustainable urban future. The material has excellent structural properties and is the only structural material that sequesters carbon in its cells while growing. Besides being reliable, efficient and self-supporting it has a recognised contribution to wellness and helps to create a more pleasant, healthier, relaxed, sociable and creative urban experience.

Two sets of folded arching elements spread out from a centralised cluster within the room, producing a series of intimate spaces cradled below a gently undulating canopy. In the middle, a third set of elements curves towards one another as a gestural response to the void created by the others. Together, the elements create a grove that can transform throughout the exhibition to illustrate various spatial possibilities and adapt to use and individual preference.

By using engineered timber like that found in Unfolding for buildings, it is hoped that the construction industry can leave behind an era of extracting building materials and move towards a future of cultivating them – embracing the present as an opportunity to grow our forests, to grow our building materials and to grow our cities sustainably to bring nature back to the places we live.