The Nexus

Pearl River Delta, China

PLP has unveiled a masterplan and architectural design for a large complex at the heart of a metropolitan centre in the Pearl River Delta. Located at a very prominent junction within the central business district, the project comprises four buildings: the Nexus Building – a 600m office and hotel tower; the Platform for Contemporary Arts – a performing arts complex; the  LZ Park Tower – a 300m office tower; and the Concourse – a large scale retail and leisure facility.


The Platform for Contemporary Arts

The Platform brings together a modern theatre facility with 1700 seats, a music hall, a multi-purpose performance space and a multiplex. An array of public facilities and cultural retail support and enliven these functions.


In a single metaphorical gesture, the Platform is lifted off the ground freeing up the space underneath for public use. At the same time water is released, cascading back down towards the Park across the street. Through this move, our proposal conceptually links the tower and the park, to create a powerful and unforgettable civic spectacle.





Mixed-use: Office, Hotel, Culture & Performing Arts, Retail and Leisure



The Nexus Building



The Platform for Contemporary Arts



The LZ Park Tower




Concept Design