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PLP Architecture Lee Polisano David Leventhal



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PLP Architecture Lee Polisano David Leventhal



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PLP Architecture Lee Polisano David Leventhal



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PLP Architecture Lee Polisano David Leventhal



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The Francis Crick Institute featured on the BBC’s Today program as practical completion is reached

“The Francis Crick Institute is an extraordinary example of collaborative work. Our role was to establish the architectural expression of the building, lifting it to the status of a major civic institution, linking the Crick to other nearby landmarks and creating a world class centre for interdisciplinary research.”

Wayne McKiernan, Director at PLP Architecture

Building work is finally complete at the biggest biomedical facility in Europe, the Francis Crick Institute. Scientists will start to gradually move in over the next month, and it will be open to the public in early 2017. The Crick, which has cost 700 million pounds, and will house more than a thousand scientists, claims to offer a radical new approach to medical research by encouraging scientists from different disciplines to work together in new and imaginative ways.