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PLP Architecture Lee Polisano David Leventhal



Sky Central wins the Mixology Award 2017 for Large

Commercial Interiors Project...

PLP Architecture Lee Polisano David Leventhal



Green light for our co-living

tower in Stratford

PLP Architecture Lee Polisano David Leventhal



PLP's Sky Central awarded
BCO's  Best of Best 2017 as well as National Corporate...

PLP Architecture Lee Polisano David Leventhal


Gavin Eldred






Sky Central win at AJ Architecture Awards and FX Awards

We're thrilled to announce that Sky Central has won Best Workplace of the Year at the Architects’ Journal Awards and UK Project of the year at the FX Design awards, alongside AL_A and Hassell.

“It's an exemplar. It’s about changing the way people work. They’ve put health and wellness at the forefront – you have to travel around the building. The scale of space is exactly what the agents wouldn’t advise! The building isn’t instructive – everyone can find their place. It’s humanistic.”
AJ Architecture Awards judges.

“A human scaled workplace environment has been created while maintaining the awe-inspiring scale of such a large building. Successful socially and spatially, detailed with flair and playful clarity. Ecologically exemplary.”
FX Awards judges