Renos Charitou, ARB, ETEK


Renos is a Director and architect who has extensive experience of projects in both London and Cyprus.


In London, Renos is responsible for the design of 2-6 Cannon Street, a new-build office development near St. Paul’s Cathedral in the heart of the financial district and the design coordination of the residential buildings for The Goodsyard, a mixed-use development in Shoreditch.


Other projects include the design of The Azure, a new residential building with retail facilities in Ottawa, Canada, as well as design competitions and feasibility studies for an office development in Paris, a media headquarters in Canary Wharf and mixed-use office and residential schemes in London.


While working at KPF London, Renos was a key member of the design teams for The Pinnacle in the City of London, the award-winning refurbishment of TourFIRST in La Défense, Paris, student housing for the University of Cyprus in Nicosia, an office and a residential master plan in Delhi, and feasibility studies for office developments in Berlin and Hamburg. In London, Renos had a major role in the residential masterplan at Prince’s Gardens for Imperial College London and the master plan for the regeneration of Bermondsey Spa, a large-scale mixed-use development incorporating sustainable housing, retail and community facilities and landscaping.


Renos is registered with the Architects Registration Board in the UK and with Cyprus Scientific and Technical Chamber ETEK.