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PLP Architecture Lee Polisano David Leventhal


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PLP joins Outset Entrepreneurs for the Arts’ Studiomakers Iniative

PLP Architecture is assisting the Studiomakers Initiative to develop rent free studios for artists in London, which launched today. Culture is a key driver for London’s economic landscape, directly attracting 18 million tourists a year to the capital and making an annual multi-billion contribution to the economy. This activity is fuelled by the thousands of artists who live and work in the city, making London not only a top destination, but also giving it an international cultural cache which translates into strong business branding, influence and innovation.


Studiomakers will encourage and provide support for developers to create rent-free leasable studio spaces in their properties, both new and existing. Outset, supported by experts, ranging from academics to curators, will work with developers to identify and plan suitable artists’ workspaces, coordinate a selection of the artists to be chosen to become tenants and manage the tenancies, and will facilitate community engagement and outreach activities.


Studiomakers is an initiative led by Outset in association with Second Home, The Mayor of London's Culture Team, PLP Architecture, Create and Bolton & Quinn under the umbrella of Entrepreneurs for the Arts. Entrepreneurs for the Arts was launched by Outset and Second Home to bring together like-minded organisations who want to provide entrepreneurial solutions to support significant cultural projects. Founded in 2003, Outset Contemporary Art Fund is an international hub for creative funding solutions for contemporary art.