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PLP Architecture Lee Polisano David Leventhal



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PLP Architecture Lee Polisano David Leventhal



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PLP Architecture Lee Polisano David Leventhal


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PLP Architecture Lee Polisano David Leventhal



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PLP Director Karl Sharro argues the case for a high-density London at Open-City’s Green Sky Thinking Week

On April 21st, PLP Director Karl Sharro, an urban designer who has written for publications such as Mark, Glass, The Architectural Review and Blueprint, and has been featured on the BBC, spoke at Green Sky Thinking Week on the models of density being proposed by PLP in many of its London projects.


Karl argued the case for  well-designed and carefully sited towers with a hierarchy of massing, while architect Alison Brooks, Eleanor Fawcett of the LLDC, and Jonathan Manns of Colliers International made their own cases for London’s sustainable future. The Green Sky Thinking 2016 launch debate asked leading figures involved in planning, designing and building future London to argue the case for their vision or model of how a high-density city can be a sustainable one – how we can meet the pressing demands on space in the capital, while at the same time retaining its distinctive neighbourhoods and places and making it a liveable and enjoyable city.


Green Sky Thinking Week is an annual initiative launched in September 2011 by Open-City, London’s leading built environment organisation. It responds to the demand for a new type of forum in which to hear directly from sustainability leaders in the property and built environment sectors on how we can develop, support and deliver the integrated solutions that will effect real change, and what the industry needs to do to achieve this.