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PLP Director Bin Sheng speaks at UKTI’s UK-China Urban Regeneration & Green Building Seminar in Tianjin about The Edge, the world’s most sustainable office building according to the BRE

On December 10th, PLP Director Bin Sheng gave a talk at the UK-China Regeneration and Green Building Seminar, hosted by the UK Trade and Investment Board and the British Embassy Beijing in Tianjin. She presented PLP’s project The Edge, an office building designed to house Deloitte in Amsterdam which was completed in May 2015. The talk proved timely; in the very same week, Beijing’s first red alert for smog was announced, closing schools and even stopping construction.

Sustainability is an increasing concern in China in the face of growing and noticeable pollution. The Edge is officially considered to be the world’s most sustainable office building, having been awarded the highest rating ever recorded by the Building Research Establishment (BRE), the global assessor of sustainable buildings. The project achieved Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Methodology (BREEAM) certification for new construction of ‘Outstanding’ and a score of 98.36 % by employing both innovative smart technologies as well as a holistic attitude to sustainability.