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PLP Architecture Lee Polisano David Leventhal



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PLP Architecture Lee Polisano David Leventhal


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PLP Architecture Lee Polisano David Leventhal



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PLP Architecture Lee Polisano David Leventhal



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PLP’s Masterplan for the former Westferry Printworks site on the Isle
of Dogs receives planning permission

Our mixed-use masterplan for London and Regional Properties acting on behalf of Northern and Shell Investments No.2 Limited, will transform the site of the former printworks. The proposal comprises 722 homes including affordable housing, as well as flexible working spaces, shops and restaurants, a secondary school, health centre, crèche, and community facilities.


The Millwall Docks, designed by Sir John Fowler and constructed by John Aird and John Kelk, was used for timber and grain from 1868 until the 1960s. The print works, built in the mid-1980s, operated until 2011, leaving an underutilised industrial block along the northern edge of the dock.


The masterplan will introduce a considerable amount of new open spaces to the area, including parks, plazas, play spaces, sports fields and courtyard gardens. New streets and a boulevard will open up the site to pedestrians, and reconnect the existing neighbourhood with the newly landscaped waterfront promenade.


The proposal will deliver a much needed regeneration of the former printworks turning it into a lively urban community.