Lee Polisano chairs ‘The Intelligent City’ at the 2015 BCO Annual Conference in Chicago

Lee Polisano, president and founding partner of PLP Architecture will lead the discussion ‘The Intelligent City’ at this year’s British Council for Offices conference in Chicago.

Lee and the panel will explore what makes an intelligent city. They will discuss how the Burnham Plan of 1909 for the reconstruction of Chicago following the fire of 1871, was the first of its kind to use the collection of data to underpin its workings, and how the plan has influenced the development of cities across the world for the last 150 years. They will ask how the collection and analysis of Big Data will affect the design of our cities and city regions in the future.

The conference marks the 25th anniversary of the BCO by returning to the city regarded by many as the birthplace of the modern office building. The plenary sessions will review how the challenges and demands of ‘a technology hungry and sophisticated new demographic - both at work and at leisure’ are being accommodated in the cities of America and the UK as well as the new cities and emerging workspaces in other regions of the world.

The Intelligent City panel includes James Cheshire, Lecturer, University College London; Thimon De Jong, Director, Whetston / Strategic Foresight; Peter Ellis, Peter Ellis New Cities and Philip Enquist, Partner, SOM.

The Intelligent City
Friday 22 May, 09.30 - 11.00
2015 BCO Conference, 20 - 22 May


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