(formerly known as CarTube)

IUMO (formerly known as CarTube) is the fusion of two modes of transport, automated electric cars and mass transit, into a single seamless urban mobility system that will revolutionise existing cities and allow for unprecedented urban forms in new cities. IUMO relies on automated electric cars both on existing roads as well as on a network of thoroughfares dedicated solely for their use. Within this network, the cars would be controlled via a dynamic platoon protocol and would travel in continuous flow at high speed, providing capacity far in excess of conventional public transport.

IUMO allows for direct travel without interchanging: the stop-start model of current transportation is replaced with a fluid, integrated network. In existing cities, IUMO would be deployed through a network of cost effective small bore tunnels which would free up city roadways for new public realm and development. In new cities, IUMO would allow for spaces designed not for cars, but for people.

The system integrates with existing motorways, can be achieved with today’s technology and will reduce urban travel time by 75%. With no more cross-modal waiting, no more sardining in the underground, no more timetables and no more worrying about parking, IUMO is the next best to teleportation.


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