Cidade do Atacado

Caucaia, Ceará, Brazil

The 364 hectare site of the Cidade do Atacado is located 16 kilometres southwest of the centre of Fortaleza which lies on the North Atlantic coast. The challenge was to insert a mixed use development of retail, offices, community facilities and residential into the existing fabric of large scale warehouses. The design establishes a generous central park to tie together the diverse uses and provide an amenity for not only the people of this new development but also those in the existing adjacent districts.

An office building, strategically located at the corner that defines the edge of the site, serves as a landmark for the development. The retail is distributed along the major route in and out of Fortaleza, ensuring maximum visibility. It is organized along a boulevard that supports pedestrians, cyclists and public transportation. Retail buildings are generally two stories and are organized around a full or partial courtyard. Community uses either front or are situated within, the park. To ensure year-round enjoyment of all the public spaces in this hot and rainy climate, shelters and shading devices are integrated either as building elements or free-standing structures. Design guidelines were produced to establish the definition of the public realm and appropriate massing on the site.


Varicred Empreendimentos e Participaçöes Ltda.



Mixed use: Retail, Office, Warehouses, Community Facilities



165 hectares



Schematic Masterplan Completed (including design guidelines)