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Located along the south bank of the Thames, this master plan and its associated buildings will create a significant destination quarter and gateway for the borough of Southwark. The project reinvigorates a large and underutilised site between Blackfriars Bridge and the Tate Modern, replacing two divisive blocks on either side of the mainline railway running north-south through London.


The residential-led development combines nine buildings that house nearly 500 homes along with offices, cultural and retail space as well as leisure amenities. These are intertwined with elevated gardens and landscaped public spaces to provide an enhanced and welcoming experience for both residents and the public alike. Programmatic content and spatial organisation focus on realising the site’s potential and increasing its prominence, facilitating permeability and connectivity to the river and reinstating historic walkways.


A central square, east-west pedestrian links, a north-south promenade, an interface with the new south entrance concourse of the redeveloped Blackfriars Station and openings in the viaduct itself will help to connect the site to the wider network of streets and transport facilities. This vibrant public realm responds to the identity and character of the neighbourhood and defines a hierarchy of distinct functions, exploring opportunities to redevelop and merge open space with areas dedicated to play and creativity.


The redevelopment will create a varied and active precinct for the residents, encouraging and complementing business growth and enriching the world-renowned arts and cultural institutes and thriving performing arts venues on the South Bank. The rail viaduct, a key remnant of Southwark’s rich industrial heritage, is integral to the development. The distinct arches, which frame views along surrounding streets, will be transformed in a manner that celebrates their spatial qualities and creates further cultural and retail amenities.


A phased massing strategy for the collection of tall buildings supports the economic viability of the development. The first buildings to be constructed will help to mediate between the scale of the surrounding context and that of the subsequent tall structures on the site, which in turn will sit in parallel with the newly completed One Blackfriars tower and craft a new skyline gateway for the area. The range of heights will actively contribute to the legibility of the emerging high rise cluster in the area, allowing it to form a more cohesive and recognisable whole. The architectural expression of the façades and their materials inform and articulate the buildings’ positions within the group, with those of the residential buildings which sit closer to the river capitalising on their incredible views across central London.


The Carlyle Group



Mixed Use: Residential, Offices, Retail and Public Realm






Planning Consent

"This is an amazingly exciting project which will bring new homes, new jobs and new opportunities for Southwark and its' residents - everyone in our borough can benefit from developments like this. It is further proof that Southwark is the new vital heart of London and is not afraid to play its part in leading the whole city out of recession."

Peter John, Leader of Southwark Council