Antwerp Masterplan

Antwerp, Belgium

The “New Zuid” site, a disused industrial yard on the Schelde River, is located on the southern limit of 19 century Antwerp. The site is surrounded by th ree constraining elements: the River Quays, the Antwerp-Zuid Railway station and the southern infrastructural junction.

PLP Architecture’s proposal for the 28ha masterplan aims to reinforce the link between the City, the River and Green Open Spaces, create an attractive mixed use district integrated in the existing urban fabric and address the complex traffic problems created by the infrastructural junction.

Our proposal insures a fluid urban transition from the existing historical fabric onto the new mixed use development. It extends the city grid; stretches the existing green belt to connect it with the river and draws the existing civic axis through the site to create an active civic spine. This central axis will fulfil and foster the creative agenda of the City and will promote future urban regeneration beyond the “New Zuid” site.


City of Antwerp






28 ha