PLP Architecture’s 22 Bishopsgate tower receives planning consent:

The tallest office building in the City of London

We welcome the Corporation of London Planning Committee's resolution to grant planning permission for 22 Bishopsgate. 22 Bishopsgate is designed as an elegant, abstract, faceted form. The tallest office building in the City of London, at 278m, it is sculpted to consolidate the cluster of towers in the heart of the City, when seen from the surrounding townscape views.


22 Bishopsgate will enhance the quality of life for its occupiers and local pedestrians through a number of distinguishing and innovative characteristics, and thus appeal to a variety of tenants including financial, insurance, financial technology, and technology sectors. Amenity spaces dedicated on a number of floors across the building allow tenants to share, to eat, meet others, or relax. Uses will range from independent food stalls, to services such as medical, personal well-being, a library, seminar areas. Small tenants will especially benefit from 22 Bishopsgate's choice of amenities, normally offered only by larger companies. Technology will improve visitor arrival experience, as well as the occupant use, of the building, through the latest data sharing apps.


At the top of the building, amenities for the public include a restaurant and bar and a free-to-visit viewing gallery, open daily, accessed via a dedicated entrance on Bishopsgate with express lifts to the top. The highest viewing gallery in London offers a new way to experience the City, with spectacular views to the Thames, St. Paul's Cathedral, and Westminster.


22 Bishopsgate is designed to achieve a BREEAM Excellent sustainability rating. Occupancy density is designed to accommodate up to one person per 8m2, or up to 11,568 people overall, as tenants seek to make their space more effective, requiring more lifts and increased mechanical equipment provision. The already built basements and foundations are being largely reused, saving construction time and reducing impact on neighbours. The steel frame weights fifteen percent less than the previous design for the same site, despite its larger size, thanks to its efficient shape.

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